20 Billion Years

Book, 2000 volumes 1 000 000p, 22×21,5 cm, hardcover canvas, English. Twenty Billion Years consists of 2 000 books, 500 pages each, where every page has 20 000 dots. Each dot symbolizes a year from the creation of the universe to the death of the sun, a perspective over an ungraspable 20 billion years.

Question Everything

Neon sign. 25 x 110 cm, English. The expression “Question Everything” in Lennart Grebelius’ handwriting transferred into an electric neon sign.

Letter to My Dear

Written as a letter to an imaginary child of a future generation, 50 000 years from now, the work pints out the fact that the nuclear waste produced today will be hazardous to man for another 100 000 years. The magnitude of this time span is made visible by means of an apparently infinitely long…

Final Meal Requests

A collection of the last meals of 300 American prisoners sentenced to death, including the name of the prisoner, the date of their execution, and a description of their last meal.

One Trillion Digits of Pi

Book (Print on Demand of selected volumes). 1 000 000 volumes, 1 000 000×398 p, bw, 14×21 cm, English. One million book volumes, each volume consisting of one million digits of the mathematical constant Pi the work comprises a total of 1 trillion digits.